Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a "one-stop-shop" for all kinds of facility services

Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a "one-stop-shop" for all kinds of facility services, ranging from general house-keeping, pantry services to office support staff. The Group has a long standing commitment to Total Quality Management. Our definition of Quality is in conformance to the client's requirements. Businesses can easily focus on their core business work by availing our facility management services.

We cater to a diverse customer base of industries, offices & residences. Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. has trained and vetted facility management staff to make the work environment safe and enjoyable.

Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. always gets you the right person for your job


The concept of outsourcing of Facilities Management has been an integral part of the services offered by Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. both at the workplace as well as the home front. Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. Facility services was start with the aim of providing trained resources for various facility services like Corporate, Chauffeur, Meter, Caretaker, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Telecommunication Services etc. These are some of the essential services which add manpower without being allied to the core business.

Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. with its headquarter located in Pune (Akurdi), has a network spread across all the major cities in India. Thus providing a single point access to geographically diverse client establishments.


Facility Services is fully ommitted to being "Total Quality" service, which is benchmarked by providing professionally trained & high calibre personnel in conformity with our International Standards to deliver value-added services. The organisation continuously strives to improve in each of these domains to serve as an ever expanding and aware client base.


Falcon Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. identifies with 'TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT'. The organisation hosts various quality improvement initiatives throughout the year where each employee is made aware of the set standards. Mechanisms are implemented to ensure that these quality standards are maintained.


Focused and skill enhancing training programs are conducted periodically and it is imperative for all staff members to attend these Training is not compromised and this primary focus on skill enhancement leads to a better service delivery.